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27th-Mar-2009 12:22 pm - My Family Tribute

Instead of sending an email to the people that are most important to me via email, I figured I'd post a blog to let everybody know how great these people are.

Cash: Everybody underestimates the kindness you are capable of. I pity those who cannot see just how benevolent and good you are.

Gwen: Evil in the best sort of way. You make me want to spoil you always.

Edel: You are more than just a drinking friend. You epitomize friendship and all the perks that it brings. I will cherish the whispered secrets and shared confidences more than you can imagine.

Don: Brothers and sisters forever. My undeniably sweet and loveable carebear. You need to grow some fangs so no one will take advantage of your goodness.

Kiko: I will treasure all that we have shared. You have been a big part of my life both in and out of work. You may deny it all you want but you are a true gentleman.

Mau: Truly one of the wonderful and colorful people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. Take care of yourself.

Joel: I'm sorry for not being a better friend to you. The shops are just waiting for us. I'm looking forward to our next shopping trip together.

Jamie: Loving and kind. Sometimes too much for your own good but kind nonetheless. You are my future housemate. :)

Bullet: Everybody's boyfriend. Like Kiko, you are a true gentleman. I wonder how I'll survive without your loving supply of food when I don't have any.

AnnaD: You make me laugh. You're like sunshine in a clouded room. You make the bad days better.

Len and Mark: The both of you make me believe in second chances. Take care of yourselves.

Zai: One of the kindest people I will EVER meet. EVER.

Zoi: Chubby China. Thanks for always making me feel a part of the group. Your Rihanna and Backstreet Boys interpretations will be missed.

GennyBabes: You have a beautiful family. Take care of them.

Cha: Your diplomacy is something to be admired. I will strive to achieve even a little bit of what you have now.

Ging: Thank you for giving me the gift of your wonderful pechay. I never would have survived these last weeks without them.

Toni: You're the only person I know that can cut through our bullshit and discover the freaks within. I admire you.

I have found a home in each and every one of you. 5 years is not enough. It will NEVER be enough.

10th-Mar-2009 08:14 pm - My

24th-Feb-2009 06:31 pm - Changes
Today, everything changes.
Sweat, blood and tears have been spilled.

The years I've spent with you have been some of the most beautifully heartbreaking years of my life.
I will look back on those years and say: Thanks for the memories!

1st-Feb-2009 07:13 am - Mr. Pugsley Bogart

My new bundle of joy.


Ain't he a spoiled little guy




30th-Jan-2009 04:00 pm - oh my pechay... how you've grown

I have lift off! I now see the ittybitty pechay plants.
I'm so excited to transplant them to their individual pots soon.
When my pechay is a success, I'll do herbs next..

**Picture to be posted a little later**

28th-Jan-2009 08:55 pm - Waiting For My Pechay To Come

Tinanim ko na ung pechay seeds galing kay Ging.
Excited na ko na lumaki sila ng konti. Para naman alam ko na may patutunguhan ang aking project.
Umaasa akong huhupa ang bad feelings ko pag nakita ko na yung mini pechay (asa pa mem).

Pag lumaki na sila, bibigyan ko si Gwen ng pechay.

24th-Jan-2009 07:02 am - Cooking With BT, Mau and Edel
Ha. I write this while in Kiko, Mau and BT's apartment while Gwen and Kiko are upstairs drooling.

What's for dinner?
Nilagang baboy and Chicken Teriyaki. Yummy!

Nasarapan ata sila. Good!

Kain na tayo.

12th-Jan-2009 06:50 pm - Disillusion
–verb (used with object)
1. to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.


2. a freeing or a being freed from illusion or conviction; disenchantment.

*Resistance is futile. I give up.

uhhhh... I think the worst is already here.

24th-Dec-2008 07:07 pm - Unang Gala sa 2009

When: March 1 - 3, 2008

Where: DAVAO!

Who: Car, Cash, Edel, Gwen, Mau, Len, Anna, Bullet, Joel, Third
(kasama ni Third yung mga taga HR: Heath, Lenard, Jayvee, Ging)
Extra: Marc de Juan (taga PS dati. hosting din)

Excited nanaman ako. Let's get it on!

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